Chainalysis hits $8.6bn valuation

Chainalysis hits $8.6bn valuation

Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis has secured a $8.6 billion valuation thanks to a $170 million Series F funding round led by Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, GIC.

If anyone asks, you didn’t learn it from me

Crypto Money Laundering.

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8.6 billion dollars worth of crypto was laundered in 2021.

So how do they clean their dirty crypto and get away with it? Understanding this will show you how rules in finance can be bent and even broken, especially with crypto.

But it’s important to say that there’s nothing inherently bad about cryptocurrencies…

It’s just a tool… Think of a shovel.. It can be used to build a garden… or bury a body.. So should we ban shovels?

Money Laundering
Crypto Laundering
Crypto Scams
Crypto Crash


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