Schroders launches asset management chatbot in Singapore

Schroders launches asset management chatbot in Singapore

Schroders in Singapore has launched an online chatbot operating through Facebook Messenger to answer client queries and fetch and display requested fund management data.

Role of healthcare chatbots | Kommunicate

In this video, we’ll explore the role of healthcare chatbots in the future of healthcare. We’ll talk about the potential benefits of healthcare chatbots and how they can help to improve patient care.
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Healthcare chatbots are an exciting and innovative tool that can help to improve patient care. We’ll explore the potential benefits of healthcare chatbots and discuss how they can help to improve patient care. Watch this video to learn more about the role of healthcare chatbots and how they can help to improve your health!

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Chatbot Trends 2022 – Where is the journey heading? | Joachim Jonkers, Chatlayer by Sinch

AI chatbot, virtual assistant, voice bot, or WhatsApp chatbot – the variety of automation in communication is huge. But what can chatbots really do today? What are the expectations of chatbots? What do customers around the world think about them? And what will be the new superpowers of chatbot tools?

This we discussed with the Chatbots expert Joachim Jonker, Chief Product Officer of Chatlayer by Sinch in our regular vodcast format WUMMM weekly, and have derived 5 chatbot trends for 2022 and predictions as well as a collection of upcoming superpowers of chatbot tools for you.

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Schroders Multi-Asset Strategies

Through flexible and proactive asset allocation, multi-asset strategies seek to add value by diversifying risk while aiming to generate sustainable income and attractive overall returns. By watching this video, you confirm that you are a Hong Kong resident.


Five bizarre claims made by Meta’s AI-powered BlenderBot 3

Meta has launched its latest AI-powered chatbot, BlenderBot 3, which trains itself though conversations with humans. It was launched with a warning that its responses could be rude or factually incorrect.
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