Westpac and FIS invest in conversational AI firm Kasisto

Westpac and FIS invest in conversational AI firm Kasisto

Conversational AI chatbot developer Kasisto has raised $15.5 million in a Series C extension led by its client Westpac and fintech giant FIS.

CFO Michael Rowland pleased with progress on costs, margins

Westpac saw growth across all of its banking businesses in the second half of the 2022 financial year, says chief financial officer Michael Rowland.

McFarlane: ‘Efficiency up, best yet to come’

Speaking ahead of Westpac’s annual general meeting, chairman John McFarlane said the “hard yards” of the past few years had created a strong foundation for the bank’s future performance.

Investment Scams

Revolutionizing Capital Raising: CEO of Issuance, the Premier Reg A+ Investment Platform

Today, we sit down with the CEO of Issuance, Darren Marble, the leading investment platform for Reg A+ offerings. In this interview, we delve into Issuance’s business model and how they use its proprietary technology to support companies in raising capital under Reg A+ with its ability to allow retail investors to purchase securities in under 60 seconds.

We also discuss what makes a Reg A+ offering successful and the key factors that drive a company’s ability to raise capital. Darren shares insights on how companies either market their deals or convert their audience base into investors. He also touches on the importance for investors to diversify when looking into Reg A+ deals.

00:00 Issuance, Inc. CEO Darren Marble
00:41 Business model of Issuance
02:09 Broker-Deal partnerships
02:29 What makes a Reg A+ offering successful?
05:09 What do successful Reg A+ offerings have in common?
07:18 How can issuers convert their audience base into investors?

Company Bio: Founded in 2018, Issuance is a SaaS-based capital-raising platform utilized by issuers for regulation financings. The platform is built on a foundation of industry leadership and success, where Issuance has helped issuers raise over $250M of growth capital. Issuance offers a streamlined mobile and desktop-friendly investor experience that allows investors to check-out in under 1 minute using Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as standard payment methods.

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