Westpac rolls out ESG training programme for institutional staff

Westpac rolls out ESG training programme for institutional staff

Westpac is to provide 800 staff with 'practical take-aways' for advising clients on environtmental, social and governance issues as more comanies seek help in transitioning to a net-zero future.

How to embed CSR into an organisation. Australia’s Inaugural CSR Summit 2005

Linda Funell-Milner, Sharon Jackson, Lord Michael Hastings and Janet Blake discuss how to embed CSR into corporate DNA.

Westpac Group Grad Squad Podcast Series – Application Advice

All of the Grad Squad podcasts are designed to offer an insider look into our graduate and summer internship programs, and bring to light some top tips and advice to set our listeners up for success.

Westpac Group Grad and Intern Programs – For Uncommon Minds

We’re looking for uncommon minds who expect to contribute from day one and have an impact. Challenging and rewarding – our programs will get your career off to a flying start.

ESG Webinar Series – Part 1: Overview of ESG and Latest Trends

January 19, 2022

This panel will give a foundational overview of ESG trends. Presenters will discuss the role played by the investment community in steering ESG initiatives, and will summarize expected activity from the federal government, including the EPA and the SEC. Trends in voluntary ESG disclosure and best practices also will be discussed.

For more information, please visit: https://www.mcguirewoods.com/events/firm-events/2022/1/esg-what-companies-need-to-know

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